Special note 1: I teach this course with Dr. Malcolm Campbell. In the fall, he leads the 113 course, and in the spring I lead 114. To access materials specific to BIO 113, click here.

Special note 2: The Math & Science Center (MSC) offers assistance to students in all areas of math and science, with a focus on the introductory level courses. Trained and highly qualified peers (four of whom took BIO 112 with me) hold one-on-one and small-group tutoring sessions on a drop-in basis or by appointment, as well as timely recap sessions ahead of scheduled reviews.

Help with lab reports, data interpretation, research projects, and oral presentations is also offered. Emphasis is placed on thinking critically, understanding concepts, making connections, and communicating effectively, not just getting right answers. The MSC is located on the lower level of Belk, just down the hall from the student computer lab. Drop-in hours are Sunday-Thursday, 9:00 PM-12:00 Midnight.

For more information, contact Dr. Mark Barsoum at mabarsoum@davidson.edu or x2796.
Note: all services are free to students and replace those formerly offered by the Math Center, Chemistry Instructional Assistants, and Dean of Students office math/science tutors.

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