List of Amino Acids and Their Abbreviations

(Click on the magnifying glass to see the amino acid structure)

Yellow amino acids contain sulfur.
Blue amino acids can be phosphorylated.

Nonpolar Amino Acids (hydrophobic)

amino acid three letter code single letter code
glycine Gly G
alanine Ala A
valine Val V
leucine Leu L
isoleucine Ile I
methionine Met M
phenylalanine Phe F
tryptophan Trp W
proline Pro P

Polar (hydrophilic)

serine Ser S
threonine Thr T
cysteine Cys C
tyrosine Tyr Y
asparagine Asn N
glutamine Gln Q

Electrically Charged (negative)

aspartic acid Asp D
glutamic acid Glu E

Electrically Charged (positive)

lysine Lys K
arginine Arg R
histidine His H

Molecular Structure of the 20 Amino Acids





















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