*This page was created as an assignment for the Laboratory Methods in Genomics course at Davidson College*

Genomic Rockstars

Hello new students of Dr. Campbell's Genomics Laboratory Course. We the class of 2006 have some important information to pass your way. On this site you will find important little tidbits of genomics wisdom regarding Comparative Genome Hybridization as well as Real-Time PCR (qPCR). We hope you will find the information provided helpful. Rock ON.



Any questions or concerns should be directed to the creators, Mac Cowell (macowell@davidson.edu), Kristen DeCelle (krdecelle@gmail.com), and Matt Gemberling (magemberling@davidson.edu).


Rock Star Image: http://www.eyecandy.co.uk/Ned%20Jolliffe/Page14.htm . Permission Pending.