Lariam Dreams

Written and Performed by Jen Dushane, Adapted from the tune of Jewel's "You were meant for me"


I hear Meg's watch, it's 6 am

Is it my turn for cook crew again?

I got my typhoid, got malaria too

I even got poisonous spider bites, isn't Africa cool?

We clean the choos every Sunday, put our rubber gloves on,

Diarrhea stains can be tough but we get it all done and



Lariam Dreams last for so long, even over the snores &

I know that you like me, Malaria soon you will see

You weren't meant for me, and I wasn't meant for you


I called my mom, she was taking a nap,

consoled my spider bites cause they looked like crap,

Got our poop results, it was more bad news,

Scott's got worms and Forest does too

Malaria is happy but we are sad and

We have to crap oh so bad and,



Zeflox nausea lasts for so long

After the diarrhea is gone, and, I know that you like us,

Typhoid soon you will see,

You weren't meant for us and we were not meant for you.


I brush my teeth, I put the cap back on,

I know the rats hate it when I leave the light on

I pick up my hat and turn the sheet down and

Pick my maglight and have a good look around,

Put on my bug spray and hop into bed

I am really fine, but I feel mostly dead


I try and tell myself it'll be alright

How many diseases can one group of students get right? But,



Tropical diseases last for so long,

Even after Africa is gone, and, I know that you like me, so I guess I'll wait for disease #3,

You weren't meant for me, and I wasn't meant for you.

Yeah, amoebas, typhoid, malaria, shiggers, you weren't for us, and we weren't meant for you


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