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This web page was produced as an assignment for an undergraduate course at Davidson College

This page has been created to navigate to two different web sites dealing with immunology proteins, Ras and HIV.  The Ras protein has been created as an assignment called Your Favorite Immunology Protein (YFIP).  The HIV web page has been created for a term paper dealing with an immune-related disease.   The G protein Ras-  This site is dedicated to the study of the GTP-activated protein, Ras.  This site was last updated March 3, 1999.
HIV infection-  This site acts as a minireview on the immunology of HIV infection.  This site is coming to a computer near you on April 21, 1999.  

This web site was created for an Immunology class.  Please direct correspondence to

Last Updated March 3, 1999

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