LOCUS 2814792 375 aa 23-JAN-1998 DEFINITION T25C8.2. ACCESSION 2814792 PID g2814792 DBSOURCE EMBL: locus CET25C8, accession Z83241 KEYWORDS . SOURCE Caenorhabditis elegans. ORGANISM Caenorhabditis elegans Eukaryotae; Metazoa; Nematoda; Secernentea; Rhabditia; Rhabditida; Rhabditina; Rhabditoidea; Rhabditidae; Peloderinae; Caenorhabditis. REFERENCE 1 (residues 1 to 375)

AUTHORS Wilson,R., Ainscough,R., Anderson,K., Baynes,C., Berks,M., Bonfield,J., Burton,J., Connell,M., Copsey,T., Cooper,J., Coulson,A., Craxton,M., Dear,S., Du,Z., Durbin,R., Favello,A., Fulton,L., Gardner,A., Green,P., Hawkins,T., Hillier,L., Jier,M., Johnston,L., Jones,M., Kershaw,J., Kirsten,J., Laister,N., Latreille,P., Lightning,J., Lloyd,C., McMurray,A., Mortimore,B., O'Callaghan,M., Parsons,J., Percy,C., Rifken,L., Roopra,A., Saunders,D., Shownkeen,R., Smaldon,N., Smith,A., Sonnhammer,E., Staden,R., Sulston,J., Thierry-Mieg,J., Thomas,K., Vaudin,M., Vaughan,K., Waterston,R., Watson,A., Weinstock,L., Wilkinson-Sproat,J. and Wohldman,P.

TITLE 2.2 Mb of contiguous nucleotide sequence from chromosome III of C. elegans

JOURNAL Nature In press

REFERENCE 2 (residues 1 to 375)

AUTHORS Gardner,A. TITLE Direct Submission JOURNAL Submitted (24-JAN-1997) Louis, MO 63110, USA. E-mail: or

COMMENT Current sequence finishing criteria for the C. elegans genome sequencing consortium are that all bases are either sequenced unambiguously on both strands, or on a single strand with both a dye primer and dye terminator reaction, from distinct subclones. Exceptions are indicated by an explicit note. IMPORTANT: This sequence is NOT necessarily the entire insert of clone T25C8. It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping sections once, or longer because we arrange for a small overlap between neighbouring submissions. The true left end of clone T25C8 is at 1 in this sequence. The true right end of clone T25C8 is at 16955 in sequence CET12D8. The true left end of clone T12D8 is at 15498 in this sequence. Coding sequences below are predicted from computer analysis, using the program Genefinder (P. Green, ms in preparation), and other available information. The end of this sequence (15498..15601) overlaps with the start of sequence CET12D8. FEATURES Location/Qualifiers source 1..375 /organism="Caenorhabditis elegans" /db_xref="taxon:6239" /chromosome="III" /clone="T25C8" Protein 1..375 /product="T25C8.2" CDS 1..375 /coded_by="complement(join(Z83241:1516..1675, Z83241:1726..2192,Z83241:2528..3028))"

ORIGIN 1 meeeiaalvv dngsgmckag fagddaprav fpsivgrprh qgvmvgmgqk dsyvgdeaqs

61 krgiltlkyp iehgivtnwd dmekiwhhtf ynelriapee hpvllteapl npksnrekmt

121 qimfetfntp amyvniqavl slyasgrttg ivldtgdgvt htvpiyegya lphaiqrldl

181 agrdltdymm kiltergytf tttaereivr dikeklcyva hdfeselaaa assssleksy

241 elpdgqviti gnerfrcpev lfqpafigme gagihettyq simkcdvdir kdlyantvls

301 ggtsmfpgia drmqkeiqhl apstmkikii apperkysvw iggsilasls tfqqmwiskq

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