LOCUS AF023530 10054 bp DNA ROD 16-DEC-1997

DEFINITION Mus musculus RNA helicase A (Ddx9) gene, partial cds.

ACCESSION AF023530 NID g2688939


SOURCE house mouse.

ORGANISM Mus musculus

REFERENCE 1 (bases 1 to 10054)

REFERENCE 2 (bases 1 to 10054)

FEATURES Location/Qualifiers source 1..10054 /organism="Mus musculus" /db_xref="taxon:10090" /chromosome="1" /map="MGD position 67 between D1Mit14 and D1Hun40" mRNA join(<4392..4502,5360..5500,6992..7109,9262..>9374) /gene="Ddx9" /product="RNA helicase A" gene <4392..>9374 /gene="Ddx9" CDS join(4392..4502,5360..5500,6992..7109,9262..>9374) /gene="Ddx9" /note="similar to D. melanogaster maleless protein; RNA/DNA helicase" /codon_start=1 /product="RNA helicase A" /db_xref="PID:g2688940" /

BASE COUNT 2737 a 1936 c 2288 g 3091 t 2 others