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Determining orientation of our PCR products in pQE-30 UA

IDH1: Cut with KpnI
Foward: 357bp and 4230bp fragments
Reverse: 784 and 3803

IDH2: Cut with EcoRV
Foward: 805 and 3809
Reverse: 337and 4277

IDP1: Cut with BglII
Foward: 95 and 4696
Reverse: 1222 and 3569
(Or Cut with BamHI

F:808 and 3983
R: 537 and 4254)

IDP2: Cut with BglII
Foward: 759 and 3984
Reverse:510 and 4233

IDP3: Cut with ClaI and EcoRV
Foward: 510 and 4236
Reverse: 785 and 3961


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