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Molecular Biology(Bio 304)

Ed Haas

In the laboratory portion of this course, we are cloning the five Saccharomyces cerevisiae(bakers yeast) genes: IDH1, IDH2, IDP1, IDP2, and IDP3(accession numbers: YLN037C, YOR137W, YDL066W, YLR174W, and YNL009W respectively).  So far we have cloned them through PCR, ligated them into the pQE-30 UA vector, and inserted this plasmid into the JM109 strain of e.coli. Go here to see the list of primers we used for PCR.

These genes are all involved in cellular respiration.  To learn more about this click here.


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Review Paper

Structure and Orthologs

The gene sequence of: IDH1, IDH2, IDP1, IDP2, and IDP3.

The amino acid sequence of: IDH1, IDH2, IDP1, IDP2, and IDP3.

Six cutter restriction map for: IDH1, IDH2, IDP1, IDP2, and IDP3.

See SDS-PAGE results of our PCR products here.  My lab partner Elizabeth Sellers and I were cloning IDP3 in the Thursday lab.

Figure 1. This electron micrograph of strain DY150 Saccharomyces cerevisiae was taken by Diane Nowicki and Ryan Liermann.  This image was taken from a public SGD site stating permission for public use.

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