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Picture taken from: PDB, 1ai2


Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Complexed With Isocitrate, Nadp+, and Calcium


Mol_Id: 1; Molecule: Isocitrate Dehydrogenase; Chain: Null; Synonym: Oxalosuccinate
Decarboxylase, Idh; Ec:; Biological_Unit: Dimer


B. L. Stoddard, A. Mesecar, D. E. Koshland Junior


Escherichia Coli

Primary Citation:

Mesecar, A. D., Stoddard, B. L., , D. E. Koshland Jr.: Orbital steering in the catalytic
power of enzymes: small structural changes with large catalytic consequences. Science
277 pp. 202 (1997)
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To manipulate the image:

PC: right click anywhere on the image to get a list of options

Mac: click and hold anywhere on the image to get a list of options

Try performing the following manipulations using the list of options:

1. Go to display -> cartoon

2. Go to select -> change color to -> purple

3. Go to select -> hetero -> ligand

4. Go to display -> ball and stick

5. Go to color -> CPK

6. Rotate the image by clicking on the mouse and moving the mouse around.

7. Orient the molecule so that you can see both the NADP and isocitrate molecules.