Slide outline: Exploring the Use of Plasmids in DNA Microarray Technology

slide 1: Introduction slide

slide 2: Explanation of Microarrays

slide 3: Summary of Emily's results

slide 4: Advantages of Using Plasmids

slide 5: Design of PCR/plasmid Chip (ten genes put into plasmids, used one gene for this experiment)

slide 6: Results -- Graph of Plasmid vs. PCR (justification that plasmids work)

slide 7: Design of Plasmid Chip (ten genes into plasmids, three different concentrations spotted)

slide 8: Percentage Table -- CAT and UPC as examples (maybe pick others?) (all ten worked fairly well, possible cross reacitivity in the system?, relate problems for researchers working with DNA microarrays?, go into differences in concentration? -- larger concentration = larger percentage difference)

slide 9: Picture of all working at once

slide 10: Graph of All - 1 ng/uL (would it be better if

slide 11: Graph of 3:1 green, 3:1 red (if it works)

slide 12: Conclusions (plasmids can be used for DNA microarrays -- novel use; advantages again)

slide 13: Acknowledgements


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