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FISH Advancements


"During the past five years, FISH has begun to demonstrate its diagnostic potential.  The development of molecular probes by using DNA sequences of differing sizes, complexity, and specificity, coupled with technological enhancements (direct labeling, multicellular probes, computerized signal amplification, and image analysis) make FISH a powerful tool."  http://www.faseb.org/genetics/acmg/pol-14.htm       


FISH has been used most often with metaphase cells.  However, once the specificity and sensitivity of appropriate probes are determined, FISH will be a useful tool with interphase cells as well.  Upon the successful application of FISH to interphase cells, scientists will be provided with rapid results which might overcome much of the labor-intensive activity of tissue culture and karyotyping.


Areas of study where FISH might prove to be a useful diagnostic tool are "when assessing maternal contamination in chorionic villus sampling (CVS); to screen CVS or amniotic fluid cells to determine which cultures should be expedited for full cytogenetic analysis; and to provide rapid preliminary results in pregnancies of advanced gestational age that are complicated by fetal anomalies, where waiting for standard cytogenetic results would limit clinical management options."  http://www.faseb.org/genetics/acmg/pol-14.htm       



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