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3D Structure of Gluckinase

CPK Color Scheme

Glucokinase is a protein found in the liver and pancreas and is responsible for the regulation of glucose. It does this by phosphorylating the glucose molecule which starts the metabolism, the first step in the glycolysis pathway.

To get a better view of glucokinase. Click here.

Reset Glucokinase molecule. Click here.

There are 13 alpha helices in Glucokinase. The majority of these make are found in the large domain of the molecule. Click here to view them as ribbons. Glucokinase also has five Beta sheets that make up the majority of the small domain. Click here. To view both the Alpha helices and the beta sheets in cartoon form click here. The small domain made up mostly of the yellow beta sheets and large domain, made of mostly blue alpha helices come together to form the binding site for glucose.

There are six amino acids found in the region between the large and small domains responsible for binding glucose. Each will be highlighted individually and then together.

Threonine 168. Click here.
Lysine 169. Click here.
Asparagine 204. Click here.
Aspartic acid 205. Click here.
Glutamic acid 256. Click here.
Glutamic acid 290. Click here.

To View all six glucose binding amino acids at once. Click here. This will give you an idea of what the active site looks like and where it is located between the large and small domains.

To view the ligands of glucokinase Click here. The three ligands pictured are Glucose (red and white), MRK (white, purple and red), and sodium ion (blue). Glucose is the ligand of most interest because it is the responsibility of this protein to regulate glucose. Click here to view Glucose bound by the six amino acids mentioned above. To zoom out and view the glucose interaction on your own. Click here.


Reset Glucokinase molecule. Click here.

To learn more about glucokinase's structure and functions click here. To view orthologs of Glucokinase click here.


Kamata K, Mitsuya M, Nishimura T, Eiki J, Nagata Y. 2004 March. Structural Basis for allosteric Regulation of the monomeric allosteric enzyme human Glucokinase. Structure 12(3):429-38.


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