Inductive interactions:
Interactions among ectodermal cells

INDUCER: Ectoderm cells
TARGET: Ectoderm cells
STAGE: Mid-cleavage - mid-blastula
INDUCTION OUTCOME: Normal development of ectoderm
PROOFS: Some aboral ectoderm-specific genes, i.e., CyIIIa, Spec1 and Spec2a, are not expressed at normal levels in dissegregated cells. Similarly, PlHbox12 expression is also extinguished in dissegregated cells
SPECIES: Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, Paracentrotus lividus
COMMENTS: Interactions may occur within both the oral and aboral ectoderm territories, but no oral ectoderm specific markers are avaliable for this stage
REFERENCE: Hurley et al., 1989, Stephens et al., 1989, Di Bernardo et al., 1995

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