Inductive interactions:
Specification of the veg2 lineage compartment, the definitive vegetal plate, by signals from the micromeres

INDUCER: Skeletogenic micromere lineage
TARGET: Macromers and their progeny - veg2 blastomers
STAGE: Mid-cleavage
INDUCTION OUTCOME: Normal specification of the veg2 lineages and normal formation of the vegetal plate in the embryo
PROOFS: Induction of gut and secondary mesenchyme elements in chimeric recombinants (4th cleavage sceletogenic micromeres combined with mesomeres)(1), sets of micromeres transplanted to the animal poles of intact recipient embryos
SPECIES: Lytechinus pictus, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
COMMENTS: One micromere contacts with one or two of veg2 blastomeres, thus they must communicate with one another
REFERENCE: Khamer & Wilt, 1991, Ransick and Davidson, 1993, Ransick and Davidson, 1995, Ransick et al., 1996

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