Jmol Steps

1) Download your PDB file from Click on the link on the left side. Download a .pdb version, uncompressed.
2) Put your dot PDB file (nnnn.pdb) in your folder on the web server and on your hard drive.
3) Open the main page called structure and save as [your protein]_structure.html.
4) Change the names of the files for left and right frames. Save-as your two structure frames to match your protein's name. {It is always good to save the original file and work on a "saved as" version".} Be sure to change the pdb file called up to the file you just downloaded.
5) I find it easier to work in a simple text editor such as Text Edit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows). Make sure you are viewing the text non-formatted. You can also use Dreamweaver but you will need to work in the code view.
6) Copy and paste an existing button and then modify the code to display what you want. You will need to post the revision to your folder on the web server to test out each revision.

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