Expression Connection

1) Go to Expression Connection

2) Perform a "Search I" for the gene ACS1 in the diauxic shift data set.

3) On the results page, click on expression graph to see this genes activity during diauxic shift.

4) Now click on the ORF link, then the blue dot, then "Enlarge" the thumbnail display and finally the red dot. Each click will present you with different information.

5) On the page of similarly expressed genes (red dot results), click on the color scale of any gene to generate a new display of the 20 most similar genes to the one you selected.

6) Click on one of the unknown genes and see if the collection of 20 provides you with any insights as to its cellular roles. You should use the "Further Analysis" tools to find additional information. Can formulate a testable hypothesis for your chosen gene's cellular roles?