Database of Interacting Proteins (DIP)

Discovery Questions

1) Go to the DIP home page. Click on the "Search" button in the middle of the page, then the "Node" button under the list of search types. Enter Sup35 in the "Node ID" blank space and click on "Query DIP". Sup35 is the prion-like protein in yeast.

2) You will get an unimpressive results page. Click on the link under the heading "DIP Node" and then click on the word "graph" in the top right corner of this results window. A new graph window will appear.

3) The graph shows proteins that interact with your query protein (red node = Sup35). Click on the "big" link to expand the view. Then click on the "LEGEND" link to help you define what all the colors and lines are telling you.

4) What protein has the best data for interacting with Sup35? How many other proteins have experimental evidence to support physical interaction? How many proteins have predicted interactions? How could you test these predictions?

Discovery Questions

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