Gene Chips for High Schools - Answer to Online Clustering

There are probably other correct answers, but trio works: YEL055C,  YLR175W, and YDR211W. If you set the desired threshold at 0.6, you get a single cluster.

To see the clustering history, click on “Stepwise Clustering History” to see this report:

Step 1: YLR175W clustered with YDR211W, correlation = 0.950293370931467

Step 2: YEL055C clustered with YLR175W::YDR211W, correlation = 0.705534919213607

If you sent the threshold for 0.9, you get two clusters:

 Cluster 1: YEL055C

 Cluster 2: YLR175W - YDR211W

The graph is unchanged.

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