DNA Microarrays and Medications


Clustered Image Map (CIM): Clustering two separte databases and assigning a correlation between the two.

NCI60: sixty cell lines that NCI uses to test all potential chemotherapy drugs.

NCI60 clustered by gene expression profile (a) and sensitivity to 1,400 chemotherapy medications (b).
Which method is the most useful?


Clustered Image Map
by Scherf and Ross et al. Nature Genetics (2000) 24: 236

118 drugs clustered according to their effectiveness in NCI60
1,376 genes clustered according to their expression in the NCI60.

Color scale indicates the correlation of drugs to gene expression.
Blue indicates the drug works best if the gene is repressed.
Red indicates the drug works best if the gene is highly induced.

How could you use this CIM to develop new drugs or to treat current patients?


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