Proteomics by 2D Gels

Discovery Questions

1) Go to this URL <> where you can search a large range of species. Click on the button for mice Look under Metazoan (multicellular organisms), Chordata (animals with backbones), Mammalia (mammals), Rodentia (rodents), for Mus musculus. In the key word box, enter leptin and hit the “search” button.
Click on the link next to “LEPTIN [MUS MUSCULUS]”. Click on the link called “sequence” which will take you to a page with the mouse leptin protein sequence. At the bottom, you can choose a number of calculations. You want to execute the “Calculate Mass” function. What is the molecular mass and pI of mouse leptin? Write down this information.

2) Go to this URL <> and you will see a 2D gel of white adipose tissue from mouse. Look in the area where you expect to see leptin. Click on some of the red plus signs in this area to see if leptin has been identified in this gel.

3) You have just gone through the steps that investigators do in order to make an educated guess about which spot is their favorite protein. Based on your findings for number 2 above, what needs to happen next in order to improve this database?

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