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Discovery Questions

1) Go to ORF Finder <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gorf/gorf.html> and enter the accession number "XM_051900" into the appropriate box and click on the “OrfFind” button.

2) You will see this full cDNA sequence translated in all 6 reading frames with the results shown in diagrammatic format. Remember that DNA is double stranded so there are 3 reading frames for the top strand and 3 more reading frames for the bottom strand.

All the ORFs are indicated by the colored boxes with the rest of the cDNA left uncolored. What you are looking for is the largest ORF possible.

The software has already done this for you by ranking the ORFs from largest to smallest. It also tells you which frame it came from, for example +3 means it is the third frame (3) on the top strand (+).

3) Click on the colored box next to the +3 from the list. You will see the color of the ORF box change and the deduced amino acid sequence.

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