Proteomics by 2D Gels

Discovery Question

If you want to search the database to find your favorite protein, you can try this URL <> and enter the name of your favorite protein. As a starting place, enter IDH. You will see that IDH has been identified in mouse liver and E. coli. Click on either one and down part way on the resulting page. There are three links you should visit, in this order.

a) Compute the theoretical pI/Mw You will get a long list. At the bottom, click on submit and you will have the information you need.

b) How to interpret a protein map You will see the kind of information you will get for the third click.

c) Click on any of the map location links at the bottom and see where IDH is located. Compare this with the predicted pI and molecular weights. How did the prediction compare with the real gel?

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