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the web page of ben buxton

From this fascinating page of fine art you have access to the many pages I have created over several years. First is my page 'o info on TAP-1 and TAP-2 composed for my Immunology class. Also see my paper on immunological aspects of M. tuberculosis infection of macrophages. Another is my Green Fluorescent Protein page. One has sequence information on Phosphofructokinase (Genbank search). I have performed a MacDNAsis analysis on these PFK seqences.

I also have done a review of a paper on the role of the Xist gene in X chromosome inactivation.

You may also want to take a look at these excellent pages related to GFP:




Just so my Professor knows I have no trouble finding Rasmol images... here is this one of Taq DNA polymerase, from the NCBI MMDB server.


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