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**NEW** Immunology term paper!!!!!!!!!

Scott Harper was walking down the beach during spring break and he said, "I am going to write some really neat stuff on my web page when I get home because I cannot express my joy enough. I love this immunology stuff. I want to devote my entire life to it. I am dropping my other courses and going to add this class six more times!" It seems that Scott likes a very full course load.

Scott then continued, "To show you how much I love this, I want to show you a copy of the photograph that hangs over my desk."  Scott has since made a bed spread out of this picture, so he is now able to sleep wrapped up in it every night.

Figure 1. This is photograph was taken by Rozee, Ken; Costerton, W.; and Lam, K. As I am sure you can tell, this is a scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the mucous layer of a mouse ileum showing filamentous bacteria and Giardia lamblia. Arrow at top left indicates an attachment scar of G. lamblia.
This image was obtained with permission by the authors.

Scott also likes other, almost-as-interesting things.  To find out about one of these,  go visit the site of his favorite band, the unfortunately broken-up V-roys.  Scott was considering going to see the ex-lead singer/guitar player of the V-roys last weekend.  This performer, the singular Scott Miller, was playing an acoustic solo show at the Downhome in Johnson City, TN.  Scott couldn't go, however, because he was doing something that he enjoys even more... immunology.

The good news is that there is more to come on this page.  Mainly, the additions will be about good-ole immunology; but there may also be a word or two about swimming or about such bands as  Son VoltWilco , and the Old 97's. (Just a few test links:))

**NEW** My Favorite Immunological Protein, Calreticulin.
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