How to install font size control into an existing Chime tutorial

If you have created a Chime tutorial using our template before font control was included, you can add font control to it (or any other Chime tutorial) by following these instructions.

  1. Copy these files into the folder containing the tutorial files:
  2. Using a text editor, insert this line between <head> and </head> in each frameset file. (In the template, do this to twoframe.htm and 2frmcont.htm.)
      <script language='javascript'>
  3. Make the following three changes to each HTM file in which you want font size control. Normally, these would be the files which generate lists of buttons in the right frame. In our template, these files are named right.htm, right2.htm and so forth.

    1. Between <head> and </head>, include this line:
        <script src="fontsize.js"></script>
    2. Immediately after <body> include
        <script language='javascript'>
    3. Include the following wherever you want the font controls to appear. We recommend that this be included once in each HTM file, immediately after the description of the first button.
        <script language='javascript'>
    If the above instructions are not clear to you, use your text editor to examine the contents of the file fontsize.htm.

  4. Insert this near the bottom in your contents.htm
      <a href="fontsize.htm">
      How to control font size:
      <img src="up.gif" border=0>?<img src="down.gif" border=0></a>