Eric Ferguson's Mol. Bio Page

This web page was produced as an assignment for an undergraduate course at
Davidson College

This logo (and background) is featured on the Titan's page at

This webpage isn't really about the Titans, although I'm a big fan.
Nope, it's all about Molecular Biology!  I am a novice at this
web-page designing stuff, but the page should develop quickly
because I am very bright and love molecular biology.

The purpose of this page is to help me make an A+ in

To achieve that end, here is my first methods assignment.
Here is my Genbank search page.
For grand adventures, see my MacDNAsis page!
...and my final web assignment, for Dr. Campbell's eyes only!!!
Sorry everybody, I know how much you wanted to read my
Review Paper!

Figure 1.  Michael and Eric Ferguson, pre- and post-growing up.

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