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Myosin Genbank Search Results

From Intro Text:
Myosin is a molecular motor which contributes to motility in non-muscle cells by linking and sliding along polymers of actin. Myosin is also one of the two major proteins involved in muscle contraction. Myosin forms thick filaments parallel to actin filaments in muscle cells which contribute to muscle contraction..  Adenosine triphosphate provides the energy for the functions of myosin.

Figure 1. Diagram of actin-myosin interaction.  Image obtained from <http://quark.uwaterloo.ca/~vchoh/610/actomyo.htm> (From Cormack, 1984)
Accessed 2000 March 16

To see crystal structures of expressed smooth muscle myosin motor domains complexed with MgADP.Alf4 click  here :
MgADP is a transition state analog in its active state.

 The following are the GenBank sequences for Smooth Muscle Myosin:

Organism Amino acid sequence? Nucleotide sequence?
Homo sapiens Yes Yes, cDNA
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yes Yes, whole gene
Mus musculus Yes Yes, whole gene
Drosophila melanogaster Yes Yes, whole gene
Caenorhabditis elegans Yes Yes, whole gene

Background image obtained from the Myosin Homepage < http://www.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/myosin/myosin.html >
    -Accessed March 17 2000
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