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Hi, and welcome to my molecular biology page. As you might have already guessed by the title for this page, my name is Scott Hutchins and I am a bio major taking biology 304, Molecular Biology, at Davidson College. Though I do have other interests besides molecular biology, this page is only going to reflect my molecular biology interests, so don't expect any hyper-nudity on this site any time soon. The page will be updated periodically though, so check in with me from time to time. See you later.

 Here is a link to the real Molecular Biology Home Page. While only Davidson College students can view the course schedule in it's entirety, one can still get a pretty good picture of the topics the class covers as well as what we do in lab, etc., so be sure and check it out if you are interested.

Here is my review of a molecular method, the PRO Bacterial Expression System, a product of CLONTECH.

Here are my second and third webpage assignments, a rasmol image of the enzyme DNA helicase from the organism Bacillus stearothermophilus and the results of my MacDNAsis analysis of this protein.  To view the nucleotide sequence that codes for this protein, its amino acid sequence in five different organisms, and my MacDNAsis analysis of this protein, click here, or, if you just want to view the MacDNAsis analysis of this protein, click here.

  Here is my review of Kulkarni, Bruning, Winnay, Postic, Magnuson, Kahn. (1999) Tissue-Specific Knockout of the Insulin Receptor in Pancreatic Beta-Cells Creates an Insulin Secretory Defect Similar to that in Type 2 Diabetes.  Cell.  96:  329-339.

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