Miniprep and RE Digestion Results from Spring 2002 Molecular Biology

Tuesday, 19 February.

Cloning All Five Yeast IDH Genes

This page will summarize the results of our efforts to clone all 5 yeast IDH-encoding genes.

These are the gels from Tuesday's results. All gels are 1% agarose. I want to verify which samples are in which lanes. Please tell me where your samples are: gel, left or right rows, lane # with #1 on the bottom and# 8 at the top. Also, tell me which enzyme(s) you used.


Still need info about IDP1, IDP2 and what enzyme was used on IDH1.


Gel A

Left: Lanes 1-4 are IDP1 cut with BglII and 7 & 8 are IDP3 cut with ClaI and HnidIII. MW in lane 5.
Right: Lanes 1-6 are IDP3 cut with ClaI and HnidIII. MW in lane 8.


Gel B

Left: lanes 1-4 and 6-7are IDH2 cut with EcoRV. MW in lane 5.
Right: Lane 1, 5 and 6 are IDH2 cut with EcoRV. IDH1 cut with SalI in lanes 3 and 4. MW in lane 2.


Gel C

Left: Lanes 1-4 and 6-8 IDP2 cut with BglII MW in lane 5.
Right: Lane 1 IDP2 cut with BglII. Lanes 2-4 are IDH1 cut with SalI. MW in lane 5.


Gel D = Tia and Lisa's recut.

Lisa and Tia recut their IDP3 containing plasmids with ClaI and HindIII. Lisa's are on the left and Tia's on the right.
Uncut plasmids in lanes 6-8. MW in lanes 5 for both gels.

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