1/20 How is information transmitted between members of animal species? Section 4.1, BME 4.1, BME 4.2, ELSI 4.1

Firefly video, with Dr. Sara Lewis, who's research is in this section

Firefly Flashing: What's the Cost?

BME 4.1 Firefly Excel File

1/23 Does group living require more derived mechanisms of information transfer? Section 4.2, BME 4.3

Meerkats on National Geographic Channel

1/25 How do plants of the same species recognize one another? Section 4.3

 Pollinators at F&WS Website

At Wikipedia: check out "types" and "mechanics"

YouTube video on pollination

2nd YouTube video of pollination

Pollen tube movie

another pollen tube movie

1/27 How do single-celled organisms communicate with one another? Section 4.4

Bobtail squid video 

TED talk by Dr. Bonnie Bassler, explaining quorum sensing (longer - about 15 minutes)

1/30 Have organisms evolved to exploit communication between individuals of other species? 5.1

parasitic fly vs. caterpillar

Mole cricket vocalization (and other orthopterans)

2/1 How do organisms assess their environment when searching for resources? 5.2, BME 5.1, BME 5.2

BME 5.1 Ants Excel File

Animal Behavior Online explanation of the Marginal Value Theorem

Crows cracking nuts (scroll down the page to see the video - crows are so intelligent!)

2/3 Is chemical communication used to block competition or defend self?
How does change in number of species affect information content of an ecological system?
5.3, 5.4, BME 5.3, ELSI 5.1 BME 5.2 Tadpoles Excel File
2/6 What causes variation of traits? 8.1, BME 8.1 BME 8.1 Galton Regression Excel File 
2/8 How does selection act on individuals with variable characteristics? 8.2, BME 8.2  
2/10 What are your questions about the upcoming review?    
2/13 Can we observe descent with modification in the adaptive radiation of orchids? How did wings evolve in bats? 8.3, BME 8.3, Section 8.4 BME 8.2 Evolutionary tree Excel File 
2/15 Can we observe evolution in our lifetimes, using pesticide resistance in mosquitoes? 8.5 ELSI 8.1

Centers for Disease Control website on Anopheles mosquito 

CDC main malaria site

2/17 When are two isolated populations not isolated? 9.1, BME 9.1, BME 9.2

BME 9.1 Genetic Distance Excel file  

BME 9.2 Frequency distributions and flight distances Excel file  

Gene flow at Evolution 101 website (UC Berkeley) 

2/20 Do populations evolve in the absence of natural selection? 9.2, BME 9.3

Genetic drift at Evolution 101 website (UC Berkeley) 

Genetic drift simulation at The Biology Project (U of Arizona)

2/22 Where, when, and from what ancestors did humans evolve? 9.3, ELSI 9.1 & 9.2

Becoming Human interactive website (by The Institute of Human Origins) 

What does it mean to be human? (Smithsonian Institute website)

2/24 How does the amount of light affect the distribution of photosynthesizing organisms?
Why do animals migrate and how do they know when to migrate?
9.4 & 9.5  
2/27 How have species evolved as a consequence of their interactions with other species? 10.1, BME 10.1  
2/29 When and how did plants colonize land? How have ecological communities adapted to disturbance? 10.2, 10.3, BME 10.2, ELSI 10.1  
3/2 How will communities respond to climate change? 10.4, ELSI 10.2 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 
3/12 How do genetic diseases affect cells and organisms? 13.1, BME 13.1 & 13.2, ELSI 13.1

BME 13.1 Hemoglobin mixture Excel file 

Linus Pauling blog, explaining one of first uses of electrophoresis to study hemoglobin

3/14 How do pathogens affect cells and organisms? How does a Venus flytrap catch its prey? 13.2; ELSI 13.2; 13.4  
3/16 How do muscles respond to exercise?
REVIEW 2 handed out 13.3, ELSI 13.3 DUE by Tue 3/20

Muscle contraction video 

How a muscle contraction is signalled video

Video on the details of muscle contraction (Interactive Biology)

3/19 How do populations of unicellular organisms increase in number? 14.1, BME 14.1 BME 14.1 Doubling Excel file 
3/21 How did species with populations of single celled individuals evolve to become multicellular organisms? 14.2, BME 14.2, BME 14.3  
3/23 How do populations of cells in animals affect the whole organism? 14.3  
3/26 What is the difference between stem cells & cancer cells? 14.4, ELSI 14.1  
3/28 Can parasites survive in more than one host species? How do diseases spread? 15.1, 15.2  
3/30 What causes phytoplankton to produce a red tide? 15.3, ELSI 15.1 BME 15.1 Logistic-redtide Excel file 
4/2 How are soil microbes involved in nutrient cycling? 15.4, ELSI 15.2  
4/4 What is an individual? 18.2  
4/6 What is the source of emotions? 18.3, ELSI 18.1  
4/11 Does isolation increase the likelihood of extinction? 19.1, ELSI 19.1  
4/13 How does age structure affect population growth? REVIEW 3 handed out 19.2, ELSI 19.2  
4/16 How and why do individuals of some species cooperate with each other? 19.3  
4/18 How does a flock respond to a predator? 19.4

Flock of starlings on YouTube

Homing pigeon flight - video of reconstructed flight from research discussed in text

Free flight of pigeons - reconstructed video from text research 

4/20 Why did more trees grow when wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park? 20.1, BME 20.1, ELSI 20.1  
4/23 What determines the outcomes of competition for a resource? 20.2, BME 20.2  
4/25 How efficient are ecological systems at transferring energy from the sun and carbon dioxide from the air to predators? 20.3  
4/27 How does death of an individual affect a population? How does foraging of an individual affect the population? 24.1, ELSI 24.1, BME 24.1, 24.2  
4/30 Are populations regulated through feedback mechanisms? 24.3, ELSI 24.2, BME 24.2  
5/2 How does biomagnification of DDT affect raptor populations? 24.4, BME 24.3  
5/4 Is nutrient cycling a mechanism of homeostasis for ecological systems? 25.1, ELSI 25.1  
5/7 How does energy flow through food webs? Do ecological systems filter wastes like individual organisms do? 25.2, 25.3, ELSI 25.2  
5/9 How does increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide disrupt ecological systems? REVIEW 4 handed out 25.4, ELSI 25.3  

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