My Favorite Yeast Genes
AFR1 & YDR089W

This web page was produced as an assignment for an undergraduate course at Davidson College.

Annotated and Non-Annotated Sequences on Region of Ch.IV

Annotated Gene: AFR1

Alignment ScoresBLASTp Search Results

As one can see from the BLASTp results displayed in the screenshots above, the bit score and the E-value for the alpha-factor recepter regulator were the highest and lowest, respectively, by very considerable amounts. It is easy to say with certainty that amino acid sequence comes from ARF1.



As one can see from the abve screenshot from the SGD site, AFR1 is Crick strand ORF, based upon its blue color. More information regarding the color code used is avaiable here.


Non-Annotated Gene: YDR089W


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