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Spec1 RSR enhancer

The experiments identify conserved element in the 5`-flanking regions of three related Spec genes, Spec1, Spec2a and Spec2c (named as RSR).
The deletion of 5'-half of the Spec1 RSR element resulted in a significant decrease in CAT activity when Spec1-CAT reporter gene fusion plasmids were injected into Lytechinus pictus eggs.
The deleted element has several enhancer-like properties when inserted back into various test plasmids: it could be positioned in the locations different from the transcriptional start site; in some but not all cases, it could be made to work in the reverse orientation, and it could drive expression of the CAT gene using an SV40 promoter or cryptic promoter elements.
In comparison with Spec2a in Spec1 5'-flanking region the RSR enhancer is located further upstream relative to the transcription start site due to then insertion of 2432 bp (Gan L. et al., 1990).
Alignment of Spec 5'-flanking DNA
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