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HeHB19 is an unusual homeobox-containing gene, similar to the C. elegans gene ceh-19, which contains a homeobox unlike any other described so far.
Thus far ceh-19, the sole representative of a distinct class of homeobox-containing genes, has only been known in nematode. If HeHB19 is not actually the homologue of ceh-19, then it is the second known member of this class of homeodomain encoding genes (Popodi et al., 1995).


The deduced amino acid sequence shows 77% identity to the first 53 amino acids of the homeodomain of the ceh19 gene product. Both genes specify an unusual Thr49 of this domain. In addition, 3 of 7 amino acids just upstream from the homeodomain are identical (Popodi et al., 1995).
GenBank: 710352

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