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msp130 is a sceletogenic mesenchyme lineage-specific gene (Klueg et al., 1997).
The function of msp130 remains unclear, however it is evident that it has been implicated in major primary mesenchyme cell functions (Parr et al., 1989).
There is also some experimental evidence that msp130 may play a role in the entrance of calcium ions into the PMCs (Carson et al., 1985; Kabakoff et all., 1992).
msp130 is a single copy-gene in Heliocidaris (Klueg et al., 1995).


GenBank: 1070352

Subcellular location

Expression Pattern

RNA blot analysis detected a single transcript of approximately 3.8 kb. The appearance of the transcript is first seen in hatched blastulae prior to ingression of primary mesenchyme cells. This onset coincides with the onset of msp130 expression in another indirect-developing sea urchin, S. purpuratus (Leaf et al., 1987).
There is an increase in msp130 expression in mesenchyme blastulae, but expression declines during gastrulation. These levels of expression differ somewhat in timing from those observed in S. purpuratus, where peak of msp130 expression occurs during gastrulation (Klueg et al., 1997).

mRNA level

Temporal accumulation

Method: RNA gel blot hybridization
Reference: Klueg et al., 1997

Unfertilized egg
Early blastula
Mesenchyme blastula
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