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Alignment of Spec 5'-flanking DNA

This page is designed from the original journal article (Gan L. et al., 1990). The picture comes from Fig. 1.
Alignment of Spec 5` flanking DNA. Spec2a, Spec2c, and Spec1 5`flanking regions, first exons and first introns are compared by aligning their RSR elements. The A reffers to the region of homology between the RSR and the first exon except in the case of Spec1, where the A region is part of the first exon. The open boxed regions are the areas of sequence match. An insertion found within the RSR element of Spec2c is indicated as a triangle below the Spec2c 3`R-unit. Deletions in the RSR elements are depicted as gaps. The 2.9- and 2.4-kb insertions in Spec2c and Spec1, respectively, are shown as triangles with wavy lines. Numbers refer to distances upstream and downsteram of the CAP site. X is XhoI.

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