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Bibliography of SpEGF I

Bisgrove, B. W., Andrews, M. E. and Raff, R. A. (1991). Fibropellins, products of an EGF repeat-containing gene, form a unique extracellular matrix structure that surrounds the sea urchin embryo. Dev. Biol. 146(1): 89-99 Medline abstract

Delgadillo-Reynoso, M. G., Rollo, D. R., Hursh, D. A. and Raff, R. A. (1989). Structural analysis of the uEGF gene in the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus reveals more similarity to vertebrate than to invertebrate genes with EGF-like repeats. J. Mol. Evol. 29 (4): 314-27 Medline abstract

Hunt, L. T. and Barker, W. C. (1989). Avidin-like domain in an epidermal growth factor homolog from a sea urchin. FASEB J. 3 (6): 1760-4 Medline abstract

Grimwade, J. E., Gagnon, M. L., Yang, Q., Angerer, R. C. and Angerer, L. M. (1991). Expression of two mRNAs encoding EGF-related proteins identifies subregions of sea urchin embryonic ectoderm. Dev. Biol. 143 (1): 44-57 Medline abstract

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