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Bibliography of Tektin B1

Norrander, J. M., Linck, R. W. and Stephens, R. E. (1995). Transcriptional control of tektin A mRNA correlates with cilia development and length determination during sea urchin embryogenesis. Dev. Genes Evol. Jun; 208(4): 188-204 Development Jun; 121 (6): 1615-23
Steffen, W. and Linck, R. W. (1988). Evidence for tektins in centrioles and axonemal microtubules. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A Apr; 85(8): 2643-7
Chen, R., Perrone, C. A., Amos, L. A. and Linck, R. W. (1993). Tektin B1 from ciliary microtubules: primary structure as deduced from the cDNA sequence and comparison with tektin A1. J. Cell Sci. Nov;106 ( Pt 3): 909-18

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