Davidson College Biosociety presents.....
3rd Annual Charles Darwin Birthday Party
February 12, 2004
Mr. Darwin turns 195

Bio students and faculty line up for dinner catered by Joel's


Still in line for food

Androgyny provides entertainment!


Fancy steppin


Acting out the Circle of Life

Dr. Stanback cuts the cake. (Unfortunately, the official guest of honor was called away at the last minute.)

Kim N. is the lucky winner of the premiere door prize--
a Chlamydomonas hat that Dr. Peroni made.



More door prizes. The bumper stickers are available at www.evolvefish.com.

Joy H. wins a genome cartoon mug


With appropriate enthusiasm, George E. displays his door prize.

Chris T. is down with his door prizes. And he's missing fingers.


Ashley and Chris try to con Kim out of the hat.

Credits: The 2004 Darwin Party was organized by student Biosociety officers Leslie Cook '04, Will Guthrie '04, Ryan Gentzler '04, David Shelburne '04, Rebecca Thomason '04, Meg Lafontaine '04, Sarah Davis '05, Joy Hester '05, Bill Johnson '05, Cory Maluski '06, and Sandy Ockers '06. The Rusk eating house kindly allowed the use of facilities. All photos on this web page are by Bill Johnson '05.

See you in February 2005! The party will probably be on Thursday, February 10th.


See pictures from last year's party.

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