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TriBeta and the BioSociety function jointly in sponsoring events throughout the school year. Currently, the officers of both organizations are the same. The faculty advisor for both BioSociety and TriBeta is Dr. Hales. An outreach project with Davidson Elementary School is one example of a joint project between the Tau Omega chapter and the BioSociety.


The BioSociety is a student organization for biology majors and other students interested in biology. Most majors are participants in the society. Some of the activities of the society include:

  • teaching science at Davidson Elementary School

  • tutoring

  • publishing a newsletter

Beta Beta Beta

The Tau Omega Chapter of Beta Beta Beta was installed at Davidson College on April 28, 1995. TriBeta is an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences, particularly undergraduates. It seeks:

  • to encourage scholarly attainment

  • to cultivate intellectual interest in the life sciences

  • to promote a better appreciation of the value of biological study

It encourages undergraduate research and "emphasizes a three-fold program: stimulation of scholarship; dissemination of scientific knowledge; and promotion of biological research."

Beta Beta Beta members receive Bios, a journal of scientific reports by members of the society. Members can submit original research articles to this journal for publication and can present papers at district and national conventions of the organization. Members and chapters are also eligible to compete for various awards given by the national organization.

The Tau Omega Chapter invites students to become regular members during their junior and senior year of study. The requirements for membership are:

  • declaration of biology as a major
  • completion of at least three courses in biology
  • a 3.2 GPA in the major.

The initiation fee for regular members is $30 for a life membership. Any biology student is eligible to become an associate member. Associate member dues are $20 for one year. Associate members may become regular members if they meet the requirements of membership and pay an additional $10. Membership invitations are sent to eligible students each spring semester. The initiation ceremony for new members occurs at the end of April.

Local chapters, such as Tau Omega, hold business meetings, sponsor presentations of scientific research by students or outside speakers, and undertake various projects. The charter, coat of arms and key of the Tau Omega Chapter of Beta Beta Beta are located outside of the Biology Department office.

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