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Genomic Microarrays: Use and follow-up on known and unknown ORFs

One of the most important genomic tools, capable of producing massive amounts of data quickly and accurately, is the microarray. By analyzing the ORFs studied in Project 2, SST2 and YDR078C, in microarrays produced by Stanford University yeast labs, we can begin to infer expression patterns with other assumedly related genes.

By clustering genes that express similarly to a chosen gene we learn which genes are "turned on/off" at the same time as the studied gene. This sort of information is particularly useful in beginning to understand function and, potentially, signalling pathways.

The experimental setup establishes two different cellular environments and compares gene expression (presence of mRNA) with reference to the control environment. To learn more about microarrays visit the Davidson genomics site here.

Microarray analysis of SST2

Microarray analysis of YDR078C


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