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SwissPfam entry for Q03306

Description from Swissprot for Q03306 :

High-quality Pfam-A families are represented by large, single-colour boxes. Pfam-B families (represented by small three-colour boxes) are made automatically from Prodom, and are of much lower quality with no annotation. This display uses javascript: make sure you have javascript switched on to have 'mouse-over' abilities

pkinase: Protein kinase domain low complexity low complexity low complexity low complexity low complexity [898 residues]

pkinase 11-293

signal peptide:   >   pfamA   >   transmembrane:   >   pfamB   >   low complexity:   >   coiled coil:

Pfam Domains
Domain Start End
pkinase 11 293
Other Regions
Type Source Start End Score
low complexity seg 310 323 2.2100
low complexity seg 384 395 2.1900
low complexity seg 469 483 2.0100
low complexity seg 676 694 2.5000
low complexity seg 804 817 2.2600

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