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            CDH10 is located on the fifth chromosome and is a member of the cadherin protein family. These proteins are responsible for cell-adhesion. Cadherins are secured firmly to actin filaments within the membrane and extend into the spaces between cells. They are Calcium-dependent adhesion molecules and rely on Ca+ pumps in order to function (Figure 2). Many different isoforms exist and it has been experimentally determined that cells which express the same isoform tend to bond to one another and aggregate separately from other cells.


Figure 1.


Figure 2: a) The molecular structure of a generic cadherin and it's placement within the membrane. b) The theoretical affect of calcium on cadherin.Within calcium ions, cadherin is little more than a weak rope holding cells together.c) This shows how cadherins function within the cell. Intracellular parts of the protein are secured to a-actin by catenin and vinculins. The cadherins themselves act like hooks that hold adjacent cells together.


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