Popular Press vs Scientific Journal Articles:

Insight Into the Color Blindness Gene and Gene Therapy

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It takes a certain skill to be able to report scientific discoveries to the general public successfully. The reporter must draw the public in and describe discoveries laden with scientific jargon so that readers around the country (even across the world) understand and enjoy what they are reading. A paper written by Eunice Kua, Michael Reder, and Martha J. Grossel describes common faults and what they believe should be the aim of a popular press reporter.

Here are some guidelines for a good popular press article on a scientific topic as described by Kua et al.:

Kua et al. closes with this quote, which I find to be a good summary of their guidelines- “A good translation must be consistent with its source as well as cater to its audience.”



Eunice Kua, Michael Reder, and Martha J. Grossel. 2004. Science in the News: A Study of Reporting Genomics. Public Understanding of Science. 13: 309–322.

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