How to Get to Your Web Page onto the

Davidson College Biology Web Server via Cyberduck

The purpose of this procedure is to give students and faculty access to files on the biology web server which you will want to do for all of your web pages. For students, the material on the Biology Server should be restricted to course material only. You can use the College-wide server for personal web pages (see ITS).

You can work on any computer (PC or Mac) and then load your new or modified files into your folder. Every 1 minute, the server updates any changes made to its files so the longest you would have to wait is 1 minute to see your new files.

1) Find the CyberDuck icon and double click it. It may be in your dock at the bottom of your monitor, or it may be inside applications.


2) There are two ways to connect to the BioServer.


On the left, you see you may type in the URL ( On the right, you can click on the "New Connection" button (top) which will bring up a new dialog box (bottom). Fill in the information as shown but use your normal username instead of mine. Also, use your normal email password. Click on connect.



3) You will see a new display in the Cyberduck window. Double click on the web folder.




4) Double click on the courses folder.




5) Double click on the genomics folder.




6) Double click on the year folder.





7) Double click on your name folder.




8) Now you are inside your folder and you can see your files. At the very least, you should see the home.html file created for you by the instructor.

At this time, click on the small tab to the left of the Quick Connect window as shown below. This will open a side window and allow you to make a short cut that will save you time in the future. As long as you use this computer, the shortcut should work.



9) Go to the Bookmarks window and click on the + button as shown below. This will create a bookmark for the folder you are in at the time you click the + button.



10) Click on the button with the pencil as shown below (left). This will open a dialog box. Change the nickname to something that makes sense to you. Close this window.




11) Now you simply drag files into and out of your course folder. Remember that if you overwrite a file, only the new version will be available. When in doubt, you can save the old version with a slightly different name. Also, remember that text and image files have to be uploaded to the web server for your web page to contain text and figures.

Please note that FTP does not work from off campus.


12) The next time you launch Cyberduck, simply click on the bookmark you made and you should be in your folder. If this does not work, or you use a different computer, you can simply follow the directions above each time you upload or download your files.


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