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The Study Guide approach has been used for several years for Introductory Biology (Cell and Molecular) at Davidson College. The current version of the Study Guide is written for the 5th edition of Life by Purves, Orians, Heller and Sadava. Earlier versions were written for the 4th and 3rd edition of Biology by Neil Campbell. Anyone is welcome to use and modify the Davidson College Study Guide as long as Drs. Jan Serie (Macalester College), Malcolm Campbell and Karen Bernd (Davidson College) are given appropriate credit. This version was last modified in June 2000. To get a better understanding of the Study Guide Approach to teaching biology, you can View A Poster that was presented at the 1996 annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology.

There are seven "chapters" to the Study Guide and four "stories" to provide the context for the bioenergetics chapter. To download any chapter, click on the appropriate title from the list below. If you are using Netscape, you will get a message that says you can choose to save the file or select a program with which to open the file. If you select Word as the application, Netscape will know to send all such files (that end in ".wrd") to be viewed in Word. This will automatically open the file in Word. (Conversely, if you want the 1997 version, pick WordPerfect for all files ending in ".wpd" If you choose to save the file, all of documents will be stored on your hard drive where you can open the file using your favorite processing program. If you would like to see a syllabus, in order to see the daily reading assignments, Click Here to view the 1996 sample syllabi (lab and lecture) or
Click Here to download a Word Version of a 1998 Syllabi (lab and lecture) .

Current Version of Web Page Associated with this Course

Study Guide "Chapters"

Fall 1999 Version Updated June 1999

1999-00 Version, in Office '98 Word (Mac)

  1. Title Page and Table of Contents
  2. Introduction to Study Guide and Biology
  3. The Cell - an overview
  4. Cellualr Communication
  5. Genetics
  6. Bioenergetics
  7. Interesting Topics

"Stories" for Bioenergetics Chapter

  1. Poison Pot Part One
  2. Poison Pot Part Two
  3. Cyanide in Grapes Part One
  4. Cyanide in Grapes Part Two

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