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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellowships

The Davidson Biology Department currently has a 4-year grant from the Howard Hughes Foundation for supporting undergraduate research. Some of these funds will be used to support 8 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research fellows each summer through 2000. Davidson students will be chosen based on previous academic achievements and the merit of their proposal (submitted in conjunction with a faculty member). More information regarding this program is available on the HHMI Web site or in 162 Watson.

Hughes Summer Research Scholars and faculty mentors for 2000:

Summer Research Fellow Faculty mentor
Christine Larned Dr. Wessner
Courtney Ewart Dr. Wessner
Stephanie Courchesne Dr. Ramirez
Jennifer Caldwell Dr. Ramirez
Ambrose Tuscano Dr. Stanback
Meg Seifert Dr. Stanback
Shane Lindsay Dr. Dorcas
Ross Cocklin Dr. Dorcas

Other sources of summer research funds

1) Council on Undergraduate Research Student Summer Research Fellowships. For undergraduate students who are working with faculty members at their home institutions during the summer. Only CUR members are eligible to apply for the majority of these awards.

2) Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid of Research. Awarded to promising undergraduate and graduate students in order to encourage pursuit of a career in research.

3) NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU). REU programs are found throughout the country and a list of these institutions is usually available by late in the Fall Semester. This list is posted in the hall on the second floor of Dana and in the BioCenter on 3rd floor of Dana. In addition to REU programs, the biology department receives information on many other summer research opportunities. Information on all of these programs can be found in the BioCenter. The application deadlines for these programs ranges from December to early March.
4) Merck Science Initiative - Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Awards. This award is intended to help African American undergraduate students who are interested in science careers. This award provides tuition support and opportunities for research experience at a Merck research facility during the summer.

5) American Cancer Society Research Fellowships. Selected students are assigned to investigators in leading Massachusetts research laboratories and hospitals for 10 weeks during the summer. Application deadline March 15.

6) The Kathleen S. Anderson Award and Manomet Bird Observatory. Grant for avian research, especially research furthering bird conservation. Proposed research must take place in the Americas. Proposals due December 1. During the summer of 2000, the following students participated in research projects at the institutions listed: Victoria Statler Medical research J.D. Willson Dr. Fred Alt's lab, Harvard Univ. Fitz Sturgill Dr. Michael Pierce's lab, Univ. of Georgia Liz Nugent Dr. Robert Maynard's lab, Univ of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dan Boritt Avian research station in Florida keys Jenny Roberts DNA fingerprinting at UC Berkeley's Hastings Reservation in Carmel Valley, CA.

General Academic Fellowships

Barry Goldwater Scholarships
(current sophomores and juniors who are not going to medical school)
The NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program
Fulbright Fellowships (anywhere in the world)
Luce Fellowships (Study in East Asia - no previous experience allowed)
Marshall Scholars Program
Rhodes Scholarship (Oxford, UK)

Graduate School Fellowships - if you want a PhD

Pre-doctoral Fellowship in Biological Sciences (Howard Hughes Program)
NSF Graduate Fellowships
NSF Minority Graduate Fellowships

Teaching Fellowships

•Fulbright Teaching Exchange Grant to Germany
•JET (teaching in Japan) ask Dean Rusk Office
•Beinecke - for grad school if you want to teach at the college level (high GPA ~3.75)
•Mellon Fellowship - for college teaching/liberal arts
•The Ford Foundation - offers each year approximately fifty fellowships for students from minority groups. The awards are for graduate study leading to a Ph.D. of Sc.D. degree in any field, including interdiciplinary ones, that leads to teaching at the college or university level.
For more information, go to

Unusual Fellowships
(not as academically based as the others)

Rotary Fellowship (must apply summer after junior year) - Ruth Pittard
Watson Fellowship (apply Sept. senior year) - Dean of Students office
Davidson College "Watson Alumni Scholarship"
Teach in Kenya for a year - "the un-program" contact Dr. Ken Brown - Dean Rusk Program
Teach Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America for a year
- self funded through World Teach.

Temporary and Summer Internships in Biology

Work experiences obtained through internships (and volunteering) allow students to explore career options and define their own career paths. The more experiences students can obtain, the more informed their career decisions can be. Internship and volunteering opportunities in the Greater Charlotte area are numerous and available to students during the academic year. Summer internships are available world-wide and information concerning these internships can be obtained at Career Services or in the BioCenter.

Internships in Charlotte area

Davidson biology majors also have opportunities for internship experiences with a number of local organizations. Most students enroll in Bio 371 or 372 when doing internships during the school year. These courses usually require that the student keep a journal, write a major paper on some aspect of the internship and meet regularly with the Davidson faculty advisor who is sponsoring the internship. Dr. Kimmel has been coordinating most of the internship programs for biology majors. Examples of internships that are available in:
  • Human medicine
    Clinical Ethics and Practice course with Dr. Putnam
    Carolinas Medical Center
    Various physical therapy groups
    Planned Parenthood
  • Animal medicine
    A number of local veterinarians
  • Environmental/Conservation
    Carolina Raptor Center
    Duke Power Company

Summer internships

The biology department receives and files information on other internship programs found throughout the country. Information is available from individual professors, along the halls of 2nd floor Dana, and in the BioCenter. The Careers Office also has information on internships opportunities for biologists. In the recent years Davidson students have participated in summer programs with the Student Conservation Association and the Cetacean Research Unit located in Gloucester, MA.

See Linda McNally (Dana 110A) and/or the folders on the 3rd floor of Dana - the BioCenter.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Lou Ortmayer

Dr. Hansford Epes

Dr. Scott Denham

Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell

Career Services


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