Fall 2008 Biology Seminars

seminars for Fall 2008 will be announced in August

Previous Seminars


Dr. Fiona Watson (Davidson)
 Down Syndrome Cell Adhesion Molecule (DSCAM): A Highly Variable Protein that Wires the Fly Nervous System

 Dr. Bill Rebeck (Georgetown)
  Molecular Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Cece Hillard (Medical College of Wisconsin)
Cannabinoid Receptors: From Weed to Worries

Rachel McCord, '04 (Harvard)

Dr. Doug Price (NIH)
Molecular Approaches to the Study of Prostate Cancer

Erin Zwack, '08
Development of Ligand Controlled Post-transcriptional Regulators in E. coli

Andrew Martens, '08
A New E. coli Computer: Demonstrating the Use of Anti-Terminators and their Potential for Solving Larger Burnt-Pancake Problems

Emma Garren, '08
The role of neural activity in Xenopus laevis retinal ganglion cell dendrite morphogenesis in vivo

Shannon Pittman, '08

Ecology of a declining bog turtle population

Kelli Carroll, '09
Zebrafish Neurogenesis is Compromised by Early Exposure to the Pesticide Malathion


Dr. Larry Mimms, '76 (Gen-Probe)
 Blood wars: The role of viral nucleic acid testing in blood safety

 Matt Talbert, '05 (Wake Forest)
  Unravelling the genetics of the human obesity epidemic

 Dr. Beth Hiltbold (Wake Forest)
 Topic: Dendritic cells fighting intracellular pathogens

 Dr. Julie Goodliffe (UNCC)
Genomics and Drosophila

 Dr. Kent Vrana (Penn State)
Functional genomics & proteomics of substance abuse

 Dr. Rik Myers (University of Miami)
Genetic redundancy and metabolic robustness

Dr. Bill Ranson (Furman)
Sustainability at Southeastern Colleges & Universities

Dr. Dave McClay (Duke)
Sea Urchin Developmental BIology

Dr. Darcy Kelley (Columbia)
The Vocal Synapse: Perception & Production

Dr. Jeffrey Kahn (Minnesota)
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research: An Ethics & Policy Update
Creating a Stem Cell Donor: Ethics, Policy, & Emerging Biotechnologies

Dr. Paul Mayewski (Maine)
Earth Day Speaker



Dr. Malcolm Campbell (Davidson)
Learning Genomics Through Student Research

Dr. Jim Gilliam (NC State)
Decisions under threat of death: Genes to ecosystems

Dr. Debora Spar (Harvard)
The Baby Business: How Money, Science, and Politics Drive the Commerce of Conception

Dr. Ann Stevens (VA Tech)

Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Ruppell (UNC-Greensboro)
Singing in the Rainy Season: Regular Production of Ultrasound by Wild
Peromyscus Mice

Ms. Holly Peay (NIH/Johns Hopkins)
Changing Perspectives on Genetic Services: Learning from Psychiatric Genetic Counseling

Dr. Sandra M. Clinton (UNCC)
Cross-habitat fluxes of material and energy in a floodplain ecosystem: Tales from the Cosumnes River Preserve, California

Dr. Calvin Howell (Duke)
Tracking Substance Translocation in Plants Using Radioisotopes

Dr. Virgina Armbrust (Washington)
Genomics of Oceanography and the Acidification of our Oceans

Dr. Paul Farmer (Harvard/Partners in Health)
Infectious disease treatment in resource-limited settings

Dr. Robert Gottfried, '70 (Sewanee)
The Nature of Nature, and How to Manage It: An Economist Looks at Land

Dr. Ron Hoy (Cornell)
A neuroethologist's view of the model systems approach to
understanding brain, mind, and behavior
Hearing on the fly: Basic to translational research in auditory

Dr. Stephen Richter (E. Kentucky)
Use of Molecular Genetic Data to Address Ecological and Conservation-oriented Research Questions

Jackie Ryan, '06
Using DNA Microarrays as a Tool to Measure Genome Instability

Leslie Smith, '06
The Effects of a Top Predator Vary With Resources and Season in Aquatic

Julie Ruble, '06
Wiring the Brain: How Growth Factors Sculpt Neurons in the Developing Visual

Matt Gemberling , '06
Using RNA Molecules as Molecular Circuit Breakers to Regulate Protein

Sarah Durnbaugh, '06
Localization of the no mitochondrial derivative Gene Product in Drosophila


Dr. Sue Elrod (Cal Poly)
T-RFLP analysis of fungal communities in the environment

Dr. Rene Salinas (App State)
An individual based model that simulates the black bear population in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina

Dr. Rik Myers (Miami)
Unsafe sex: The rec(k)-less mechanisms of genetic exchange

Dr. Norman Myers (Duke)
The U.S. stake in the global environment

Dr. Melissa Pilgrim (UGA)
Trophic relationships among reptiles and amphibians

Dr. Drew Endy (MIT)
Designing biological systems
Synthetic biology: Life, invented

Dr. William Guilford (UVA)
Biomechanics of cell motility

Dr. Rudolph Tanzi (Harvard)
Genetic Basis of Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Joe DeRisi (UCSF)

Malaria Genomics
Emerging Pathogens & Genomic Technology

John Burkhart, '05
Scirtid Beetles, Resources, & Insect Communities: Investigating Processing Chains & Food Webs in Treeholes

Sarah Davis, '05
Victims of the War on Insects: Exposure to the Pesticide Malathion Leads to Abnomal Development in Zebrafish

Dr. Fiona Watson (Harvard)
Connections and Circuits in the Nervous System

Dr. Philip Hockberger (Northwestern)
Time-lapse Video Microscopy of Neural Stem Cells In Situ

Dr. Karen Schlauch (George Mason)
Bioinformatics: Using Math to Answer Biological Questions

Dr. Samantha Kerry (Duke)
Studying innate immunity in Caenorhabditis elegans:
Are humans truly different than worms?

Dr. Peter Fields (Franklin & Marshall)
Structure and function in enzyme adaptation to extreme cold:  Tales from Antarctic fishes

Darlene Campbell (Cornell)
What Can the Retina Tell Us About Color Vision of Anolis Lizards?


Dr. Jeff Steinmetz (Queens)
Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages: From the Rivers to the Sea

Dr. Wesley Burks (Duke)
Peanut Allergy: Development of a Peanut Vaccine

Dr. Chuck Peterson (Idaho State)
Spatial Distribution and the Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Intermountain West

Dr. James Trussell, ‘71 (Princeton)
Emergency Contraception: Still the Nation’s Best Kept Secret
7:30 – 900 Room

Dr. Sarah Webster (Davidson)
Open & Shut: Building a Biophysical Case for the Motions of Gating in a Voltage-Gated K+ Channel

Dr. Chris Korey (College of Charleston)
Flies 'R' Us: Drosophila and Human Disease

Dr. Clara Jones (Fayetteville State)
Developmental Plasticity in Adult Female Mantled Howler Monkeys

Dr. Shea Tuberty (Appalacian State)
Conservation Physiology: The Role of Endocrinology in Protection and Management of Animal Populations

Dr. Inna Sokolova (UNCC)
Effects of heavy metals and temperature on bioenergetics of marine poikilotherms

Dr. Jonathan Beckwith (Harvard)
Smith Lecture
Adventures in the gene trade: A social activist in science

Dr. Tyrone Hayes (UC Berkeley)
The Common Groundsel, Hermaphroditic Frogs, and Premature Babies: The Canary Speaks, But is Anybody Listening?

Sara Holmberg, '04 (Davidson Honors Thesis Defense)
Localization of nmd gene product in Drosophila melanogaster spermatids

Sarah Baxley, '04 (Davidson Honors Thesis Defense)
Using rescue constructs to determine if CG5395 corresponds to nmd in Drosophila melanogaster

Nicole Harlan, '04 (Davidson Honors Thesis Defense)
Habitat size modifies abiotic factors and communities in artificial treeholes

Leslie Cook, '04 (Davidson Honors Thesis Defense)
The Pesticide Malathion Reduces Growth and Survival in the Development of Zebrafish, Danio rerio


Dr. Glenn White (Wingate)
Stress Response in the NematodeCaenorhabditis elegans: A New Look at an
Old Way to Torture Worms

Dr. Rick Thompson (Bowdoin)
The good, the bad, and the sexy: How brain neurochemistry affects social

Dr. Traci Jesse (UNC)
Abl Tyrosine Kinase Regulates Cellular Adhesion and Actin Dynamics

Eric Marlan (Appalachian State)

Dr. Richard Kessin (Columbia)
A walk in the North Carolina woods, a Legionnaire’s disease outbreak, and
how they are connected

Dr. Rodney Mauricio (UGA)
Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics of Natural Populations

Gray Lyons, '04 (Davidson Honors Thesis Defense)
Retargeting Recombinant Adenoviral Vectors Expressing Bone Morphogenic Protein 2 (BMP2) to Improve the Efficacy of Bone Formation in Mice with Applications in Spinal Fusion

Dr. Kris Helmerson (NIST)
Optical Tweezers: An interdisciplinary tool of science

Dr. Becky Sparks-Thissen (Wash U)
CD4 T cell control of murine gammaherpesvirus 68 latency

Dr. Elizabeth Sztul (UAB)
Molecular Regulation of Secretion

Brenda Bondesen, '00 and Dr. Grace Pavlath (Emory)
The effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on skeletal muscle regeneration

Kelly Carter, '00 (UNC)
Life on the outside: Medical school and research after Davidson.

Kristine Grayson, '03 (Davidson Honors Thesis Defense)
Seasonal Body Temperature Variation in the Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta)

Emily Oldham, '03 (Davidson Genomics Major Research)
Exploring the limitations of DNA microarray technology: A case study in quality control



Dr. Simon Tavare (USC)
Primates and Dinosaurs: Statistical Inference from the Fossil Record

Dr. Bill Conner (Wake Forest)
Sex, Drugs, & Videotape: Evoluation of Chemical Communication in Tiger Moths

Lowell Rayburn, '99 (UGA)
Amontillado, the Drosophila Homologue of the Prohormone Processing Protease PC2, is Required During Embryogenesis and Early Larval Development

Mark O'Donohue (Mecklenburg County Health Dept.)
West Nile Virus in Mecklenburg County in 2002

Dr. William Schlesinger (Duke)
The Effects of Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Forest Ecosystems

Josh Gross (Harvard)
Development of the Taste System: How the Nerves Find Their Way

Dr. Raul Cano (Cal Poly)
Digging for Pathogens: What can Ancient DNA Teach us About Current Human Diseases?

Dr. Margarida Barroso (UVA)
FRET Measurements of Membrane Trafficing

Fall 2001

Dr. Brooke McCartney (UNC)
Cytoskeletal Links: the Drosophila Gene Products APC2 and Armadillo Participate in Tethering Mitotic Spindles to Cortical Actin

Dr. Mary Bunge (Miami)
Smith Lecture
From the Laboratory to Superman: Repairing the Damaged Spinal Cord

Dr. Michael Pierce (UGA)
Glycobiology in the Post-Genomic Era

Dr. Bill Hopkins (SREL)
Use of Bioenergetics to Study Environmental Problems: A Conservationist's Approach to Ecotoxicology

Dr. Wayne Silver (Wake Forest)
Exploring the Chemical Senses: Taste & Smell

Meredith Judy (Town of Davidson)
The Use of GIS in City Planning: Addressing Societal and Environmental Concerns

Dr. Rick Drake (Eastern Virgina)
Improving Thymidine Kinase Suicide Gene Therapies for Cancer


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