FALL 2011: Ecology and Environment in India

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: The International Guest House of Madras Christian College

Bedroom in International Guest House and view from outside common area

The group will stay at the International Guest House of Madras Christian College. This modern building, designed by a Swedish architect to western standards, is situated in the midst of a densely wooded area near the athletic fields. Wild deer grazing outside the dining room is not an uncommon sight.
The building is air-conditioned and the rooms are spacious and airy. The facility has two separate, self-contained flats upstairs. Each of these flats has two bedrooms, a large living room and a long covered verandah. Downstairs there are two double occupancy rooms; a suite where the director will stay and a spacious dining room with a kitchenette..

Each student will have a bed and two pillows. Bed linens and towels will be changed twice a week by the caretaker of the Guest House. In addition each student will have a writing desk and a chair. Additional pieces of furniture such as dressers, shelves, lounge chairs and tables will be placed in the flats.

Clothes will be washed and pressed on the Guest House premises by a washer-woman and her assistants employed by the Program.

Men and women will be housed in separate apartments and, respecting local sensitivity, visiting each others' apartment is not permitted.

There will be a telephone for the program in the Guest House from which local and international calls can be made and received. Just outside the Madras Christian College campus there are several small shops that offer email and internet facilities at a very small charge.


Food is specially prepared for the program in the Guest House by a chef from a leading hotel in Chennai. Meals will include breakfast, lunch and dinner, including afternoon tea. In addition, fruits, snacks, soft drinks and bottled water will be stocked in the dining room refrigerators.

Initially meals will be bland. After a week or so Indian dishes will be introduced. After a fortnight every meal will have more Indian and less western dishes.
Water for the exclusive use of the Guest House is pumped from a bore well on the premises. Cases of bottled water are always kept for the students' use.

Madras Christian college has a closed campus. Only persons connected with the college are allowed to enter the campus. In addition, watchmen will be posted at the International Guest House.



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