If you like art, check out this representation of a treehole and its inhabitants: http://livdahl.clarku.edu/LARVAptg.html.

Here is the website of Professor Steven Juliano at Illinois State University, who studies mosquitoes found in container habitats: http://www.bio.ilstu.edu/juliano/juliano.htm.

Professor Diane Srivastava, University of British Columbia: http://www.zoology.ubc.ca/~srivast/

Professor Ned Walker, Michigan State University: http://www.msu.edu/~eebb/Walker%20profile.htm

Professor Norman Fashing, College of William and Mary, has been studying treehole denizens for many years: http://faculty.wm.edu/njfash/FashingRes.html

The Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu, has several researchers that study ecology of treehole mosquitoes.

Professor David Mercer, University of Northern Iowa, has studied chemical ecology of treeholes and the effects of tannins on mosquito development: http://www.bio.uni.edu/department/faculty/mercer.html.

Professor Jon Chase, Washington University, http://www.biology.wustl.edu/faculty/chase/opening_page.htm

Professor Todd Livdahl, Clark University, http://www.clarku.edu/departments/biology/faculty/livdahl.cfm


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